The Twitterati got all hot and bothered earlier today when they found out MINUTES BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE that Tiger Woods was in a car accident.

This is seen as some sort of validation of the awesome amazingness of the “real-time web.” Scoble was, predictably, on hand to pimp his Twitter lists. Devin Coldewey was, predictably, the rational wet blanket interrupting everyone else’s masturbatory reverie.

Personally, I don’t have any particular issue with the whole real time web thing, and find it vaguely interesting. My only major complaint with the TechCrunch goings-on is the excitement over a non-story for the sole reason that it gives a small group another opportunity to talk about themselves and how they’re somehow replacing the traditional media.

Say what you will about the newspaper-based tradmed, but at least they’re decent enough to confine their self-referential wanking to the op-ed page. TechCrunch, in contrast, is pure op-ed in the guise of legitimate journalism. Sort of like Fox News.