I finally pulled the trigger on my minimum viable product concept. I started working on the website and developing some more refined screenshots of the concept a couple days back, bought a perfect domain name two nights ago (http://www.[REDACTED].com), and created the first Google AdWords campaign for the product just a few minutes ago. I’m very excited to see how well this concept works, especially since the two [REDACTED]s I’ve run the idea by have been very interested in getting the app as soon as possible. I’m doing some A/B testing with the app’s price and I’m curious to see what—if any—difference that ends up making to my conversion rate. No sense in leaving money on the table, you know?

Along the same lines, I love how fast and easy it is to run a Google AdWords campaign. I banged out some ad copy about 20 minutes ago, and the ad just went live. I’m not competing with anyone else for my primary search keyword, “[REDACTED],” which hopefully will reduce my costs and drive a ton of traffic back to my website.

I’ve also incorporated Facebook’s Like widget into my site in order to drive organic, word-of-mouth traffic back to my site. I’ll be sure to describe how well that works.

Finally, the website I built for the [REDACTED] is built on Rails 2.3, super light-weight and can easily be adapted for any future MVP-type concepts, so hopefully putting up more of these sites will go from being a week-long process to a couple hour affair.