I’m very excited to announce that my newest iPhone/iPad app, Doppler for Heroku, is now available in the App Store. There is also a product website that shows you how easy it is to manage your Heroku apps from the iPhone. I wrote Doppler because all of my Rails apps are hosted on Heroku, and I needed an easy way to manage my sites on the go. I’m sure you’ve experienced this before, too:

  • The site you just launched got featured on TechCrunch, Slashdot, Reddit, Digg or HN and now you need to add another Dyno...Except that you've all left the office to have a beer and celebrate.
  • You want to add a collaborator to your app Right Now.
  • You need to get console access to your Heroku app Right Now.

Doppler for Heroku isn’t just for the iPhone: it’s a universal app, and works fantastically on the iPad, too. Five bucks gets you easy management of your Heroku apps on all of your iOS devices.

Finally, Doppler is currently at 1.0. I’m hard at work on the 1.1 update, which will add a bunch of cool, new features, like visibility into your apps’ NewRelic RPM live performance data.