I was in Maui with my girlfriend over Christmas, and I had a problem you might have encountered before. We’re taking our rental car (a Ford Mustang convertible, incidentally) back to the airport, and we have absolutely no idea where to get gas.

When I picked up the car, I opted to fill up the car’s tank before taking it back to Hertz in order to avoid paying their exorbitant fees. But, of course, I’ve never been to Maui before, and so I had no idea where to fill up the tank. So, I hoped for the best, and—as luck would have it—there are several gas stations within a couple blocks of the airport. But still, this can be a serious problem at times.

And so, while driving to the airport, I realized this was a problem worth solving. So, I took a couple spare hours and built a web application to help you find gas stations near the airport to gas up your rental car and avoid exorbitant fees.

There are desktop and mobile versions: the mobile app is built using jQuery Mobile, so it should run on any fairly modern web browser. I’ve tested it on Android and iOS and it works great on both.

Bear in mind, I literally wrote this in a handful of hours, so it’s not terribly feature-rich, but I think it fills a woefully underserved niche.

Try it out, and see for yourself!