From: Aaron Brethorst
Date: April 28, 2011 9:34:49 PM PDT
Subject: Please Sign SB 5073 Into Law--Don't Veto Any of It
Dear Governor Gregoire, I've been a Seattle resident for the past eight years. I don't smoke pot, I work in the software industry, and I want you to sign this bill. I have friends who are cancer survivors who have needed and benefitted from medical uses of marijuana, and the act of vetoing this bill would do nothing but harm these wonderful people. You're stepping down in less than two years and will never have to worry about negative campaign ads vilifying you over this issue. So please, do the right thing and sign SB 5073 into law. Thank you, Aaron Brethorst 425-241-4008 1450 E Republican St #203 Seattle WA 98112