Sep 18, 2023 ios fitness exercise swiftui storekit

Work out smarter, not harder with Zone2 Fitness

I built a new app exclusively for iOS 17 and watchOS 10: Zone2 Fitness.

The Zone2 app helps you track your heart rate across five zones to help you optimize your workouts to better match with your fitness goals, and it also helps you create custom workouts on your Apple Watch to help you know if you are straying above or below your desired heart rate.

This article from health reporter Ashwin Rodrigues does a great job of laying out why working out at a low heart rate can be a ‘cheat code’ for your workouts:

[T]raining in Zone 2 [is] be the best way to stimulate mitochondrial function and cultivate a cardio base that both professional cyclists and weekend 5k athletes can benefit from…Zone 2 training, for athletes of all types, is a way to ensure athletes can go faster, for longer.

I built the app in order to help me hew to a zone 2 workout regime, and also as an excuse to learn SwiftUI and also to learn how to use Apple’s StoreKit framework for creating in-app subscriptions.