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Jun 16, 2023 photography

Simulacra and Simulation

My latest conceptual photography project, entitled Simulacra and Simulation, can now be seen on my photo project website. In “Simulacra and Simulation,” I draw inspiration from Jean Baudrillard’s influential, eponymous treatise to investigate ...

Nov 20, 2022 macOS shareware irooster

iRooster, Open-Sourced

I originally released this in response to an Ask HN post requesting respondents to publish their old source code. All the way back in 2003, I released my first-ever piece of commercial software, under what was called a ‘shareware’ model at the ti...

Nov 08, 2022 ruby-on-rails voting

Sincere has helped volunteers send over 3.5 million postcards!

In 2020, I built a simple SaaS product called Voterletters to help volunteers run postcards-to-voters campaigns. The project took off, and by 2022 it had helped volunteers from all across the country send over 3.5 million postcards and letters to ...

Jun 12, 2022 photography pcnw

Chase the Light 2022

Photographic Center Northwest’s annual summer fundraiser/global photo experience/pop-up photo show, Chase the Light, is upon us, and I’m excited to share my submission for this year. Lego Staircase I captured a point cloud using the LiDAR sensor...

Jun 24, 2021 ios web jobs work acquisition

Twistle Acquired!

I’m excited to share that my employer, Twistle, has been acquired by Health Catalyst. You can read the press release here: https://www.healthcatalyst.com/news/health-catalyst-announces-agreement-to-acquire-twistle