Welcome to Week 2 of the iRooster Status Update.


I have a couple things to report this week.

iRooster - Mac OS X I released v2.1.1 Beta 3 yesterday. It features localizations in French, German, and Spanish. The German localization is complete, and I’m waiting on a little more text for French and Spanish. I have one more little issue to resolve in iRooster before I can release it, so stay tuned.

After I get 2.1.1 out the door I am going to turn my attention to v2.2. I think I’ve finally figured out how to deal with the Authentication dialog that always pops up in a way that won’t harm system security, which has always been the big stumbling issue with getting this resolved. That will be the primary new feature in v2.2. I’m severing any possible dependence on Tiger for this next version. New stuff there will come in a later release.

I will invest more time in removing my dependence upon iTunes and interacting directly with Quicktime instead. I don’t know exactly how much work that will prove to be, so it may not make it out with v2.2, but we’ll see what happens.

iRooster - Windows No real updates here this week, unfortunately. I haven’t had enough time to work on this between getting the localized versions of iRooster working correctly, my day job, and the Bug Tracker.

Web Stuff I have spent a few hours this week working on my bug tracking system. It’s starting to approach the point where it may actually be useful. I’m absolutely sick of trying to track bugs in the sixDollarChimp web forum, and I need a real way to manage this stuff. It’ll be totally open to anyone who wants to report a bug or see where reported problems stand. Cool stuff. :)