You know your Presidency is screwed when Bill Clinton polls better on honesty than you. Yeah, I know that the actual results fall within the polls margin of error, but it’s a pretty bad sign that they’re ranked equally in this category. Everyone agrees that Bill Clinton lied…about getting blown by an intern. To the best of my knowledge, Dubya ‘only’ got us embroiled in a war on false pretenses. That’s all.

Other results: Americans think that Clinton did a better job than Bush on…

  • On the economy, 63% to 26%
  • On solving the problems of ordinary Americans, 62% to 25%
  • On foreign affairs, 56% to 32%
  • On taxes, 51% to 35%
  • On handling natural disasters, 51% to 30%
  • On national security, 46% to 42% (within MoE)
  • On honesty, 46% to 41% (within MoE)