I just stumbled across the Identityworks website, by way of Digg. Although I’ve never seen Identityworks before, it’s rapidly becoming a new favorite. Dating all the way back 1998, the site catalogues brand and logo changes from across the Fortune 1000, and seems to be the brainchild of Tony Spaeth, notable identity consultant.

Some of my personal favorites on Identityworks include:

Gateway’s 2003 Logo Redesign: <blockquote>First Impressions: The brand is simply out of control.</blockquote>

UPS’s Uber-Brand Shift: <blockquote>Paul Rand’s 1961 design was strikingly inappropriate for a global shipper. UPS notes that for several decades, they’ve rejected packages with strings, which snag the sorting machines.</blockquote>

Regarding PriceWaterhouseCoopers: <blockquote>ToolongbyFar and clearly, not well considered…And what is a designer to do with a name like this? Interbrand found its solution in the playfulness of 18th century typography, and threw in a dated monogram for good measure.</blockquote>