Time just published their list of the 50 coolest websites of 2006. Not surprisingly, they highlight a number of sites that fall under the banner of Web 2.0, such as Farecast (my new favorite site), Zillow, Meebo, YouTube, and Pandora (even though I think Last.fm is better). MySpace, of course, is on the list, too, even though I’d classify it as falling strictly under the category of Web 2.Evil, given its ownership, dodgy site performance, utter lack of redeeming quality (to me, that is; I don’t deny that millions of people find it to have a very high ROI for their time), and general web design ugliness. Oh yeah, and did I mention that Tom is not my friend?

Two things jumped out at me after reviewing the list. One is that Scoble wasn’t listed. Say what you will about him: shark-jumper, Apple apologist, genuinely nice guy, smart and personable, and so forth. I think I’ve said all of the above about him publicly or privately. Scoble’s done a great deal to legitimize blogging as a whole, and especially within corporations. He may irritate me to no end, but I will never claim he was anything but invaluable to Microsoft.

Two is that I had only heard of 12 of the 50 sites they listed. There were a ton that I’ve never seen or heard, even though they must have a huge following.

Update: aww, Robert appreciates my thoughts.