Back in July, I decided to create a new weblog where I could share my thoughts on UI design and User Experience (especially the snarkier ones) with the world, and keep my writing skills (shabby though they may be) from deteriorating completely. I tend to be pretty bad about maintaining these things, as you can see on some of the other blog detritus that I have littering the web. Somehow, I’ve managed to stick it out with posts on topics ranging from why I hate menus, to snazzy Flash applications, and even my biggest web usability pet peeve.

Up until recently, I’ve been writing this blog for myself more than anything else, but now that I actually seem to have a readership (a small one, but much appreciated nevertheless), I’d like to know what you would all like to see. Do you want me to talk more about building great user experiences on Mac OS X? More on Winforms? Perhaps more content specifically focused on Developer Tools? In any case, let me know. One of the biggest problems I still have is in coming up with interesting topics to write about. I’d appreciate any feedback you might have.

Your snarky host, Aaron