I just found a fantastic blog entry on user experience bingo. Ever seen bullshit bingo? Same thing, except with Ux terms. As the author of these bingo cards, Mark DeHoog, puts it,

I seem to hear this cry from so many in many leadership or industry conversations that 'people are so selfish and we need to break that' Maybe instead of fighting it we need to learn how to work with that. Maybe there is something broken ... and maybe if we focused more on creating a great user experience we would actually be able to engage people rather than bore them to death.

Mark’s bad Ux bingo card terms include: “Our marketing sucks,” “our employees are lazy,” and (my personal favorite) “the schedule was more important than quality.”

The good Ux bingo card includes such perennial favorites of mine as: “our users are not stupid,” “if we’re doing it ONLY for the money, we’re screwed,” and (my personal favorite…again): “customers don’t want to hear how hard it is for us to do this.”

What pleases me is that many of the phrases from the good Ux bingo card were reminiscent of things I’ve said to others in email or meetings. What scares me is that I’ve heard too many people say things off the bad Ux bingo cards.

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