Emma Dobrescu, a multilingual Romanian web designer of some repute, expressed her hatred for Web 2.0 on her blog yesterday:

I’ll tell you the truth, I’m not an AJAX hater, I don’t despise collaborative applications, I am all for the rich user experience. What I hate is gibberish talk.

And she’s absolutely right. Whether it’s people taking Zeldman seriously when he starts a decidedly tongue-in-cheek Web 3.0 meme, or venture capitalists investing solely in XML-based projects (Seattle PI has more, and oh the irony…the XML Fund website isn’t composed of XHTML; heck it isn’t even valid HTML 4.01!), you really gotta start wondering what’s going on in some people’s heads. Then again, Slashdot’s built itself a pretty good business with a readership renowned for its groupthink mentality.

So anyway, Emma, can I join your club?

oh yeah, and in the interest of full disclosure, I readily admit that I drink that funky red, green, yellow and blue kool-aid :-)