Much like ReviewMe, a new service called Bandwagon is offering free accounts to their service until the 22nd of February for anyone who blogs about them, includes a picture of their logo, and links to a blog post on their website. Not a bad deal.

According to the official site, “Bandwagon is a mind numbingly simple online iTunes backup (for Mac users),” which “helps make life easier for music geeks that backup using rsync/ftp or to cds + dvds.”

If it does what it says, this could make me a pretty happy person. Unfortunately, my biggest problem at present is being able to synchronize my 34GB music collection across two Macs and three Windows machines (two of which reside inside the Microsoft corpnet). If it could help me do all that (which it can’t, clearly), I’d be willing to have Bandwagon’s children (which would clearly be a tall order, given that it is a business entity and I’m, well, male).

(found through Aaron Swartz’s weblog)