I finally dumped MovableType. We had a long, sordid relationship that started all the way back in 2003. I used to think that I really liked it, and even loved it at one point. We broke up under less than optimal circumstances, and I thought that I’d put it all behind me. Then, last year I came back to it. And for a while it was really good again. MovableType had changed and grown up a bit. It no longer had dirt under its fingernails, or Perl in its heart.

 But no good thing can last. MT would occasionally throw up on me and pass out, especially when dealing with huge amounts of comment spam. I mean, it’s natural that comment spam exists, and I really appreciate MT’s newest abilities to filter it out, but there was still way too much work on my part to deal with it. It seemed like MovableType was just trying to piss me off at times.

I reached my breaking point yesterday when I read a blog post that told me it could be different. I didn’t have to be snared up by MT’s freakouts or weird behavior anymore. I wouldn’t have to click on stupid infobar warnings informing me that MT really wanted to open up a scripted window, or wait for 30 seconds while spam was deleted from my comments tables.

Most importantly, there was something far more attractive that could be every MT had ever been to me. It is far easier to use, maintain, update, and upgrade. Whew, what a relief. No more MT for me :)