My boss, John, posted the following a couple hours ago:

Well, we saw a lot of people at Maker Faire, but the biggest thing we did was the ducks. Sure we gave a lot of demos, but for every demo we gave we had four kids painting ducks. Here are some of the ducks that the kids painted, Popfly-style.

This was, unsurprisingly, followed by a Popfly mashup showing some of our favorite painted ducks. Upon seeing this, I said to myself “this is cool, but it’d be cooler if I could…” Of course, a second later it occurred to me that I could.

One of my favorite features in Popfly is the nigh-on-promiscuous sharing that can occur with any mashup, anywhere, at any time. Just click the expando button in the top right corner of a mashup and you can either copy a mashup to embed in your own pages, or customize it to make it uniquely yours. And I did just that.

Every time I look at how someone built a really cool Popfly mashup (Adam is a great source for these, by the way) I am reminded of the early days of the web when I’d do a View Source to figure out how people could pull off incredibly cool tricks with HTML. It never ceased to excite and amaze me then, and I’m delighted to discover that nothing’s changed :) I hope that Popfly can fuel something similar to the massive proliferation of HTML knowledge that we saw in the 90s.

Which mashup do you like better?