I discovered this morning that Slashdot just found Popfly. Hilarity promptly ensued. What follows are some of my favorite quotes from the Popfly-related posting on there, which garnered about 300 comments.

Re: That’ll make you cringe from hobo sapiens

Hey, did you laugh at the pictures like I did? One was the obligatory girl. She probably did design work. Not that she couldn't code circles around the guys and all, but you know, gotta keep up appearances. There were three guys on there, I swear, I saw them on NBC's To Catch A Predator getting arrested. It's good microsoft hires ex-cons. Keeps em off the streets. Sloth from Goonies evidently works there now. Good for him. I'll bet he eats a LOT of Baby Ruths. There were plenty of forgettable, dorky white guys who, together, probably own every D&D and Warhammer piece ever made. Finally, the project lead was surely the guy on top (of the pyramid, you perverts!). I guess I have worked on enough projects to know.

For starters, the “obligatory girl” (Suzanne) was actually somewhat offended by this comment. Besides, she didn’t do any of the design work. I did. The ex-cons bit made me laugh hysterically, though. I think it refers to my buddy, Steven. Maybe Wes :) I promise you, they’re not ex-cons, although Wes is from Florida. The “project lead” comment was the absolute best, though. That would be me. The only reason I got onto the top of the pyramid is because I was the only one dumb enough to do it. I also happened to smack one of my developers in the head just before this picture was taken, too.

Re: That’ll make you cringe from zippthorne

You think the candy-striper was the project lead? You need to use the scroll wheel more. Third from the right in the final picture: Aaron Brethorst (Program Manager). But there are only 6 non-managers* in the picture, and Aaron is apparently in good company with the other 4 program managers. "The girl" btw, is also a program manager. *Unless "developer" is also a code-word for manager... These guys must be doing great with all that managing going on ou' dere. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess they're probably "well managed" in the same sense as a steak can be "well done."

“candy-striper.” lol.