I noticed on Techmeme yesterday that Popfly received a great writeup in the New York Times as part of a broader article in Circuits about mashups. Here’s a quote from the article:

Now mash-ups are poised to hit the mainstream, and to spread well beyond music. Yahoo, I.B.M., Microsoft and others are creating systems to let ordinary people who’ve never been near a Java class create useful computer applications by combining, or "mashing up," different online information sources.

It’s great to see consumer-focused mashup platforms in general, and Popfly in particular, get attention from the NYT.

Incidentally, I agree with the NYT: mashups are poised to hit the mainstream, and have a serious impact on the development of software. So does Eric Schmidt. Of course, being a little bit skeptical is never a bad thing, and It’s hard for me to say where we are in the hype cycle of mashups. What do you think? Best thing since sliced bread or a lot of hot air?