Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous—um, fame—isn’t exactly helping John McCain out with the hullabaloo over how many John McCain owns:

In an early morning phone call Friday from his fabulous crib in Las Vegas, Leach told The Times that he isn’t really surprised at McCain's odd memory lapse given the complex lives that the super-rich lead. "He probably was confused as to which homes are in his name, his wife's name, or corporate names," Leach explained in his familiar, deep British baritone. "In his attempt to be honest, he put his foot in his mouth."

Yeah, it’s an honest mistake that any American who owns 7, 8, or 10 homes could make. Who knows which blind trust, shell corporation, or member of my family owns one of my many palatial manses? How can I, just an average joe, be expected to remember how many pairs of $500 Ferragamo shoes I own? You just can’t keep track of this sort of thing when there are more important problems facing America.

And, John McCain does have important things to do, like remind all of America that he spent five years in a Hanoi hellhole nine times a day, or act belligerent towards Russia.