I launched an iPhone app last night, called Election ‘08, which I describe as follows:

Impress your friends and confound your enemies with your up-to-the-minute knowledge of which candidate is winning in each of the fifty states, and the District of Columbia! The latest polls, data and electoral vote estimates for the 2008 United States Presidential Election are at your fingertips with Election '08. Receive a rich, graphical overview of the state of the race with graphs and numbers. See who is winning the general election match-up on a state-by-state basis, and view historical results from 1992 to 2004. 

The app is $0.99 and can be picked up from the iPhone App Store or in the iTunes Store.

Today has been more than generous to me in terms of press coverage. So far, I’ve counted three big hits:

  • CrunchGearWhether you’re an Obamanaut or McCainicon, the data is presented to your liking and without comment.
  • TechCrunch reposted CrunchGear's article.
  • GizmodoIf you're ever pulled away from the constant spew of talking heads...the 99-cent Election '08 iPhone app will ease your withdrawal with slickly presented, constantly updating poll trackers, (theoretical) electoral vote counts (Obama's winning), and other stats by state, from the perspective of whoever you're rooting for. 
  • GawkerHave an iPhone? Obsessed with checking the oft-misleading results of state-by-state polls constantly from now until November? You're insufferable! Which means, of course, that there is an iPhone application just for you.